The first DeFi platform built to help the environment.

Building a DeFi platform to generate sustainable fund, to help the environment. It’s a smart & simple way to give humans and animals a “win-win" solution for a better life for both.

Here's how it works:

Community Locks Funds into Liquidity Pools

Using SeaSwap enhanced DeX (Decentralized Exchange), Users will be able to lock funds in Liquidity pools.

Liquidity Providers will earn %0.25 as fee charges, plus incentive token.

SeaSwap Lock Tokens As Liquidity Providing

SeaSwap will lock tokens into Pools to provide liquidity to the exchange & generate a sustainable fund to the environment. The locked fund will be FISH & ETH collected in the public sale.

Generated Funds Will Go Directly To Environmental Organizations

The generated funds will be distributed to environmental organizations & foundations every quarter.

Supporting by a voting system, which makes the community (Token holders) decides to add organizations or chooses which one should be on top priority.

The Generated funds will be from SeaSwap LPs & %0.05 deducted from exchange fees after paying project operations.


We started this project to do our role in protecting the environment, we are not alone on this planet. Saving the planet will save our lives and children future.

Governance Protocol

Token holder will be able to decide the priorities of the organizations & foundations. Funds will be distributed depending on the voting ratio. Also adding a new organization will need approval from the community as well.

Trusted Pools

There will be a trusted pool with KYC integration. These whitelist users will be able to create a certified pool with many features such as a private pool.

Fully Decentralized

We are a fully decentralized exchange protocol built on Ethereum, uses an automated market maker (AMM) model which means there is no order book or any centralized party required to make trades.

Auto Donation

Generated funds from staking pools (rewards) will be sent automatically to the donation address which is multisig wallet. This will grantee the transparency to the community & Environment Organizations.

Scam Protection

No permission-less for adding a new token, this will protect users from swapping scam & un-trusted tokens, We could use governance protocol to change the addition of new token procedures.


As a start, we will support Ethereum blockchain (ERC20 Tokens), but our plan to expand supporting several blockchain protocols during 2021.


Q4 - 2020

Launch DeX

Launch Staking Portal

Token Sale

Audit Code

Integrate with Environment Organizations

Q1~2 - 2021

Start Liquidity Pools

Develop Governance Protocol

Trusted Pools

Add More Organizations

Q3~4 - 2021

Develop Cross-Chain Swapping

Improve Scam-Protection

Multi-Language Support

Expand Awareness Campaign

Q1~2 - 2022

Develop Auto Donation on Blockchain

Listed on More Exchanges

Expand Globally


$FISH Token is a Utility token that will be used widely in the platform for charges, donation, Liquidity Pools.

Distribution of Token

Token for Sale: 40% of the total tokens will be available for sale. There will be multiple phases to the sale process to ensure that every potential investor has a chance to participate.

Liquidity Pools: 20% of total tokens will be set for Liquidity Pools.

Community: 15% will be reserved for community as staking rewards & airdrop.

Growth & Team: 15% will be used for potential partnerships, awareness & Exchange listing. 10% will be locked for two years as team rewards.

Using of Raised Fund

Liquidity Providing: 50% of raised funds will be locked to generate PAY as a pure and sustain donation to the environment.

Development: 25% of the total raised funds will be used for development.

Marketing: 20% will be used for marketing activities.

Legal & Advisors: 5% (3% & 2%) will be used for legal & Advisors respectively.